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Beside in-house trainings at your place and hands on workshops in our facilities, we offer a holistic approach of consulting. Beginning with the identification of your individual business model we support with analysis of life cycle costs and redesign of AM parts for maximal technology exploitation. If you want to step in even further, we will help to integrate customized AM Systems in your present process chain keeping your production up to date.

For training purposes, we offer a basic 2-day workshop as well as a more elaborated 4-day workshop, covering the whole range from raw material, cost structure, design guidelines, data preparation, machine preparation and quality assurance.

CUSTOMER SPECIFIC TRAINING: Adapting our comprehensive training content, we do also provide tailored workshops towards specific customer needs. For registration and planning of the training please contact us.

Consulting contact: + 49 02407 552 92 11 /

2-Day Basic Workshop
State of the Art Additive Manufacturing
  • Overview and in-depth view of AM technologies
  • Capabilities & limitations of AM
Materials for AM
  • In-depth view of metals and their AM applications
  • In-depth view of polymers and their characteristics
Insight into current research projects
  • Guided tour Aconity3D
AM design rules
  • Overview of software landscape / CAx tools
  • Topology optimization
In-depth view of process parameters
  • Correlation between design and process parameters
Redesign for AM
  • Overview of most important design rules
Hands-on Design Study
  • Applying design rules on exemplified AM parts
4-Day Advanced Workshop
2-Day Basic Workshop + Interaction of Design and Costs
  • Understand main cost drivers for AM
Hands-on Data Preparation
  • STL Manipulation / Repair
  • Lattice Structure
  • Support Structures
  • Creating Machine File
Post Processing / Quality Assurance
  • Overview of post processing possibilities
  • Hands-on training 3D scanning system
Hands-on Machine Preparation
  • Unpacking of printed parts
  • Detaching your personal part from substrate
Future Vision
  • Future trends and aspects in AM
  • Training recap