Aconity3D benefits

  • Flexible machines, suited for all applications
  • Remote machine control via AconitySTUDIO
  • Full-Overlap Multi-Laser configuration
  • Master / Slave operation for selective Laser-preheating
  • Multi-Material option
  • High- temperature preheating
  • Inline process monitoring


Aconity3D offers several standard 3D printing machines, which cover a wide range of needs. On top, the machines can be modified easily by Aconity's modular platform and therefore enable tailor-made additive manufacturing solutions.


The AconityTWO represents Aconity3D's newest High-tech production system at maximum flexibility.

Build space (mm) Ø 400 x H 400 /
Ø 200 x H 400
Lasers (maximum) 4
Machine control Web based AconityStudio
  • Max. 800°C preheating
  • Automatic powder filling
  • Bidirectional powder deposition
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The AconityMIDI+ is Aconity's newest machine generation, suited for all production applications.

Build space (mm) Ø 250 x H 250
Lasers (maximum) 4
Machine control Web based AconityStudio
  • Max. 1000°C preheating
  • Multi material option
  • Exchangeable process chamber
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AconityMIDI is the ideal combination of flexibilty and productivity.

Build space (mm) Ø 170 mm x H 200 mm
Lasers (maximum) 2
Machine control Web based AconityStudio
  • Max. 1200°C preheating
  • Exchangeable process chamber
  • MICRO L-PBF option
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The AconityMINI represents Aconity3D's entry-level AM system for fast process development and small-series production.

Build space (mm) Ø 140 x H 190 /
Ø 55 x H 190
Lasers (maximum) 1
Machine control Web based AconityStudio
  • Max. 800°C preheating
  • Vacuum Option
  • Green laser
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The AconityMICRO is the first compact, fully configured system by Aconity3D.

Build space (mm) Ø 100 mm x H 150 mm
Lasers (maximum) 1
Machine control Web based AconityStudio
  • Small spot size 40 µm
  • Exchangeable build- & powder trays
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Aconity3D is specialized in the design and distribution of modular machine tools for powder bed based laser beam melting of metals. With the AconityPlatform, machines can be configured for your specific applications, thus extending the range of applications for this innovative manufacturing technology and allowing it to be used on an industrial scale. The open configurable Aconity3D systems combine maximum functionality with unique reliability. Our basic machine types, in combination with modular additional specifications, open up a wide range of application possibilities and can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Configure your system using our online machine configurator or contact our experienced staff for application-specific advice. We will support you at every stage, from identification and specification to the satisfaction of your specific needs. We look forward to hear from you.

Aconity3D - Series Special Equipment!

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