The AconityMICRO is Aconity3D’s very first compact non-configurable system, designed towards one sole application: MICRO L-PBF. At such the systems combines a small spot size of ~ 40 µm and the ability to spread very fine powders in layer thicknesses of < 10 µm due to Aconity3D’s revolutionary vibrating powder deposition.

Further highlights are the completely extractable powder cylinders and built tray which enable end-users to perform a very fast material change and quick start of the process.

The web-based control software AconitySTUDIO suite allows for remote machine access via web-sockets as well as complete Job Im- and Export and full control of all relevant process parameters.

The compact machine design, low power consumption and competable pricing complete the feature list of this specialized L-PBF machine.


The AconityMICRO is the first compact, fully configured system by Aconity3D.

Build space

Ø 100 mm x H 150 mm

Laser Confi­guration

Single Mode 200 W

Optics confi­guration / Spot size

F-Theta / ~ 40 μm

Powder Cylinder / Build Cylinder

Completely exchangable for fast material change

Powder Deposition

Bidirectional & vibrating

Layer thickness

5 - 100 µm

Max scan speed

12 m/s

Inert gas type / pressure

Argon 4.6 / 6 bar
Nitrogen / 6 bar

Inert gas consumption

< 5 l/min during process
< 20 l/min during purging

Residual oxygen content

< 100 ppm

Pressurized air type / pressure

ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1] / 6 bar

Pressurized air consumption

< 50 l/min

Machine Dimensions (W x D X H)

2000 mm x 1000 mm x 1700 mm

Machine weight w/o powder

850 kg