The AconityMINI represents Acontiy3D’s entry-level AM system. A build space of Ø 140 mm, which can be optionally downsized to Ø 55 mm, and full access to all relevant process parameters, allow for efficient material research and fast part production also for small batches. The AconityMINI is extremely gas tight for low residual oxygen contents of < 100 ppm. Equipped with a strong recirculation, this system allows for processing also highly reactive materials which exhibit large amounts of weld fumes.

As for all Aconity systems, the AconityMINI may be equipped with further options such as, 800°C preheating, process monitoring, but also a unique vacuum option and a micro-configuration.

The AconitySTUDIO control software allows for full control of all relevant process parameters as well as remote access through the web-interface.


The AconityMINI represents Aconity3D's entry-level AM system for fast process development and small-series production.

Build space

Ø 140 mm x H 190 mm
Ø 55 mm x H 190 mm

Laser Confi­guration

IR Single Mode 200 W / 400 W / 500 W / 700 W / 1000 W
Green Multi Mode 1000 W

Optics confi­guration / Spot size

F-Theta / 80 μm
3D Scanning / 80 – 500 μm

Process monitoring options

Coaxial pyrometer
Coaxial high speed CMOS

Preheating temp / build space

500 °C / Ø 140 mm x H 130 mm
800 °C / Ø 100 mm x H 130 mm

Layer thickness

Down to 10 µm

Max scan speed

12 m/s

Inert gas type / pressure

Argon 4.6 / 6 bar
Nitrogen / 6 bar
Vacuum / < 2 mbar

Inert gas consumption

< 5 l/min during process
< 30 l/min during purging
0 - 5 l/min for vacuum

Residual oxygen content

< 100 ppm

Pressurized air type / pressure

ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1] / 6 bar

Pressurized air consumption

< 50 l/min

Machine Dimensions (W x D X H)

2450 mm x 1500 mm x 2320 mm

Machine weight w/o powder

850 kg

In the News... ACONITY GREEN

Aconity3D has built the first component from pure copper (CU-ETP). The work was performed on an AconityMINI with a laser in the green wavelength range.

The integration of a laser beam source in the green wavelength range is offered as option for the AcontiyMINI.
Visit our online configurator at: to configure your personal setup.