AconityTWO is the latest high-tech production system developed by Aconity3D. It is designed for use in the production of larger industrial parts with a large-format building platform of Ø 400 mm. The Easy-Access machine cover enables quick material change with simultaneous access to all important technical components.

As with all Aconity systems, the AconityTWO offers access to all relevant process parameters and can be modularly equipped with a preheating device, process monitoring or a modified laser configuration for maximum customer benefit.

The fully automated powder refilling system in combination with Aconity’s own sieving station AconitySIEVE further increases productivity at maximum operator safety.

The AconityTWO is also available as FOUR-Laser system for further maximized productivity. At this, the AconityTWO allows for a full-overlap of all laser sources onto the complete build area of 400 mm at variable laser spot sizes of 80 - 500 µm. In addition, the multi-laser configuration can be configured for master-slave operation for targeted preheating and postheating of local component areas during the build. This is enabled by Aconity’s own developed 3D scan head technology.


The AconityTWO represents Aconity3D's newest High-tech production system at maximum flexibility.

Build space

Ø 400 mm x H 400 mm /
Ø 200 mm x H 400 mm

Laser Confi­guration

Up to 4x Single Mode resp. AFX Multi Mode
400 W / 500 W / 700 W / 1000 W / 1200 W AFX

Optics confi­guration / Spot size

3D Scanning / 80 - 500 μm
Multi Mode AFX with ring-shaped intensity profile

Process monitoring options

Coaxial pyrometer
Coaxial high speed CMOS

Preheating temp / build space

500 °C / Ø 400 mm x H 200 mm
800 °C / Ø 200 mm x H 200 mm

Layer thickness

Minimal 10 µm

Max scan speed

12 m/s

Inert gas type / pressure

Argon 4.6 / 6 bar
Nitrogen / 6 bar

Inert gas consumption

< 5 l/min during process
< 30 l/min during purging

Residual oxygen content

< 100 ppm

Pressurized air type / pressure

ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1] / 6 bar

Pressurized air consumption

< 50 l/min

Machine Dimensions (W x D X H)

3000 mm x 1700 mm x 3000 mm

Machine weight w/o powder

1600 kg


Aconity3D is very proud on the newly launched Multi-Scan-Head. This 3D scanning device forms the missing link towards true scalability beyond the size of the build platform but also by means of applicable laser spots for massively increased productivity.