AconitySystem Framework

Main business activity of Aconity3D is development of equipment for powder bed based laser melting of metals. Towards this end, we combine maximum functionality in terms of modular fully configurable machine concepts at superior reliablity. At this, the AconitySystemFramework allows for fully customizing  each machine towards your specific application which enables industrial manufacturing at large scale and compatible costs. This helps customers around the world to further expand their market position and exploit new applications. We also provide special machine design for your requirements beyond the scope of our standard systems. Try our online machine configurator or contact our experienced  personnel to help identifying your specific needs. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Aconity3D – Series Special Equipment!


The AconityONE is equipped with a large scale build platform of

Ø 400 mm and forms a perfect hybrid between manufacturing and research.

The AconityONE is also available as FOUR-Laser system for further maximized productivity.


The AconityMIDI also has a build platform of Ø 170 mm with an interchangeable process chamber for reduced set-up time and increased productivity.

The AconityMIDI is also available as DUAL-Laser system for further maximized productivity.


The AconityLAB has a build platform of Ø 170 mm and may be equipped with vacuum option or high temperature preheating of up to 1200 °C.
The AconityLAB is replaced by the AconityMIDI by end of 2019.


The AconityMINI is Aconity’s entry-level model with a build platform of Ø 140 mm and an optional preheating of 800°C.


The AconitySIEVE extends our equipment portfolio towards powder preparation for the LBM process. The sieving equipment is designed for fast and precise processing of powder material.


The 3DMetalWIRE is currently under development and extends Aconity´s equipment portfolio to powder free wire-based 3D metal printing. The laser-based system combines a compact machine design with a large build space of 400 mm x H 400 mm, perfectly suited for producing mid-sized AM parts.